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Tournaments / Groups

Contact Ryan Duff, Tournament Director at (480) 671-5566 or email for pricing and availability for your event of  12 or more players.

Please click here for Tournament / Group request.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort will provide (per player):

  • Green and Cart fees
  • Practice Balls
  • Personalized Cart Signs
  • Personalized Scorecards 
  • GPS
  • Complete Administration of Event
  • Merchandise Credit Per Player in the Golf Shop (i.e. Gift Certificates)

Special Notes:

  • Minimum number of players for a shotgun start is 32 people
  • Maximum number of players for a shotgun is 144 (double shotguns are an option for bigger groups)
  • Number of players guaranteed is due 7 days prior to event
  • A 20% deposit of golf cost and a 10% deposit of food is required to secure a date
  • Balance of payment for golf is DUE NO LATER THAN THE DAY OF THE EVENT unless prior arrangements have been made with the Tournament Director
  • Payment for all Food and Beverage is due the day of the event

The staff at Gold Canyon Golf Resort will do anything they can to make your tournament a successful event. Planning is very crucial to attain this, both on your end and our end. In order to help everyone understand what will be happening, here are some areas to consider when planning your event.

Method of Start
All players will be gathered 15 minutes before the specified starting time to allow for announcements regarding the tournament. They will then be led out to their hole assignments by our staff for shotgun starts.

  • Tee Times
  • Full Field Shotgun – At least 120 players are needed to give your tournament the whole course
  • Forward Shotgun – For afternoon starts, the tournament groups will start on #1 and go forward on the front nine
  • Reverse Shotgun – For morning starts, the tournaments groups will start on #1 and go backwards on the back nine

Note for Shotgun starts: The golf course is able to have two groups on a hole at a time; therefore two groups will start on most holes during a shotgun start.

Choosing the correct format is very important to having a successful tournament. Consider the type of players that will come to your tournament, along with the competitive nature of the event. Here are some popular formats that are commonly used.

  • Scramble (2 or 4 person) –All players will hit a tee shot. The team will select the best one. All players will then play from that selected spot. You may place the ball up to one club-length from the selected spot, no closer to the hole and must maintain the lie of the ball(for example, if it is in the rough all balls must be played from the rough). On the putting green, you may place the ball six inches from the selected ball, no closer to the hole. Continue in this manner until the team holes out.
  • Modified Scramble (2 or 4 person) – All players will hit a tee shot. The team will select the best one. All players will then play their own ball out from this location. Record the best score. Handicaps are recommended to make this format a fair competition.
  • Best Ball (2 or 4 person) – All players play the hole independently; upon completion the best score is recorded. Handicaps are recommended to make this format a fair competition.
  • Individual Stroke Play

Player Confirmation
  Gold Canyon Golf Resort requires that the number of players be confirmed at least one week out. This confirmed number will be the minimum amount that the tournament will be charged for. Keep in mind that this number helps the golf staff plan for your tournament, if the number is too low it could cause a delay in the event. An accurate count is necessary for the staff to make this a successful event, so please be aware of this in the planning of your event.

Dress Code

  • All players must be properly attired
  • No jeans allowed
  • Collared shirts are required

All players are required to adhere to the dress code; any player not in dress code will be required to change before participating. If a player refuses to adhere to dress code and therefore doesn’t participate in the event, they will still be used in the player count. Volunteers are not required to adhere to the dress code.

Pace of Play
Make sure all players are aware of the 4 hours and 30 minutes pace for an 18 hole round at Gold Canyon Golf Resort. All players must adhere to this standard. The course marshals have the authority to make a slow group speed up, even if that means skipping a hole. Gold Canyon Golf Resort thanks you in advance for your cooperation in trying to make this an enjoyable day for everyone on the golf course.

Deposit and Payment of Fees
A 20% deposit of golf cost and a 10% deposit of food cost is required to secure the date. The remaining payment of all fees and associated charges must be made no later than the day of the tournament.

                     Please contact Ryan Duff, Tournament Director (480) 671-5566 or e-mail for additional details